We are Galapagos UK: The unknown is our comfort zone.

Who we are 

We are Galapagos, a pioneering biotechnology company, founded in Belgium in 1999 by our CEO Onno van de Stolpe, focused on discovering and developing innovative medicines to improve peoples’ lives. We have over 1000 employees in 10 international locations including the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. 

The UK operation of Galapagos was set up in 2020, aiming to offer patients in the UK new and improved treatment options for unmet medical needs in therapeutic areas like inflammation and fibrosis. 

“I’m delighted to be leading the Galapagos team in the UK as we build our UK organisation from scratch. We will go above and beyond to provide patients with innovative treatments aiming to address unmet medical needs for patients in the UK; or as we like to put it at Galapagos: pioneering for patients. We discover, we dare, we care.” 

Emma Chaffin, Country Head at Galapagos UK 

What we do 

As our name suggests, bold scientific exploration is our purpose, and it will steer us towards our vision of becoming a leading global biopharmaceutical company, exploring the unknown. 

Galapagos has one of biotech’s largest pipelines of medicines with novel modes of action. We have 45 patent families registered, have discovered over 40 drug candidates and currently have up to 50% of drug candidates in clinical development. 

The way we approach discovery at Galapagos makes us unique. Our proprietary Target Discovery technology platform, which was developed 20 years ago, is highly innovative. By comparing healthy and unhealthy cells, we can discover the key proteins driving disease. Our focus is on developing medicines to target these proteins and tackle the disease itself and not just the symptoms. 

With our vast bank of proprietary knowledge on disease biology, we’re increasing the chances of bringing more, and better, drugs to the market and to patients. 

How we do it 

We have a truly diverse workforce who collaborate to achieve our shared goals on the path to discovery. All of our employees are united by a shared passion to ‘make it happen’ for patients. 

We are committed to science-driven innovation and a culture of courage, determination and speed of action and are looking forward to working collaboratively with the NHS in the UK to take advantage of the momentum and speed of change that has gathered pace during the pandemic to deliver ground-breaking treatment programmes to patients. 

A no fear of failure culture fuels our ambition to explore uncharted territory. We act as a pioneer. We embrace change. We raise the bar. We make it happen. 

Job code UK-IBD-FIL-202012-00010 | Date of preparation January 2021